Sean's Landscaping, Inc.

Insurance & Bonding Info:
State of NJ Dept of Labor & Workforce Development
Public Works Contractor Registration
State Of NJ Business Contractor, License# 13VH00954100
Plant Dealer, Certificate# 11004215
NJ Pesticide Applicator Business, Licence# 90789B
PA Pesticide Applicator Business, Licence# BU12579
PA Applicator Pesticide License
NJ Small Business Entity
ISNET World Registered/Participant # 400-222281
Paymode Registered/Participant
Textura Registered/Participant
NJ Dept of Agriculture Plant Nursery
Landscape Irrigation, License# 285761
State of NJ Business, Certificate# 0648480
Brady Services LLC WBE
State of NJ Business, License# 13VH02240100
Surety Co: Allegheny Casualty Co., (through KOG International)
Bonding Agency: Harrah & Assoc. Inc.
Insurance Agent: Harrah & Assoc. Inc.
State of Delaware Business License, #2012603360
City of Philadephia Business License, #581170
New Castle County Delaware License, #LC6440
Pennsylvania Business, License #4125354
Certified Roof Meadows Green Roof Contractor
Certified American Hydrotech Contractor
Live Roof Certified Contractor


Irrigation Association
Landscape Association

Signatories to:

825 operating engineers
172 -472 laborers
77 building trades
332 laborers Philadelphia